Thank You – IL-18 Congressman LaHood Praises Respiratory Therapists

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The coronavirus pandemic is having an unquestionable impact on all of us. From the closure of all schools, local restaurants and bars being shut, and stay at home orders, the coronavirus is drastically changing the way we live our lives.


The coronavirus presents our state and nation with a serious health challenge, and like every obstacle we face, Americans are rising to the occasion to combat this virus. That’s what we’re seeing in central and west-central Illinois. The heroes among us—nurses, doctors, therapists, health care workers, truck drivers, grocery store workers, and pharmacy clerks—are stepping up to provide for our communities.


Doctors, nurses, therapists, and other health care workers cannot stay at home or practice social distancing like the rest of us. The health and safety of our communities rely on their efforts during this global pandemic.

In Illinois, we are blessed to have a wonderful community of respiratory therapists working around the clock during this time of uncertainty to help patients impacted by COVID-19. Every day, we see nurses and therapists working overtime in hospitals, and we’ve even seen retirees coming back into the workforce to provide help.

Now more than ever, the work respiratory therapists do is vital to the health and safety of our nation. These specialized health care practitioners are trained in therapeutic cardiopulmonary care to work with folks who suffer from pulmonary conditions. They also are clinically trained in the science of mechanical ventilation, working with to ensure patients receive the appropriate ventilator care.


In short, respiratory therapists are working with physicians to help patients survive during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The health and safety of our families and communities during this uncertain relies on the work done by respiratory therapists and their colleagues in the health care industry. These brave men and women are among the heroes of our health system—the foundation of our fight against the coronavirus.


With American resiliency and heroes, like our healthcare professionals, we’ll overcome the coronavirus and come back stronger. History will remember those heroes who answered the call to serve their communities.

For all they are doing today, for what they will do tomorrow, and for what they will do into the future, I want to thank each of the respiratory therapists in Illinois who are rising to the challenge of the coronavirus.

Illinois and our country are grateful for your sacrifice and willingness to keep our communities safe during this challenging time.